Since 1992 Avatar® Speakers has been known for building and selling great sounding, high value, guitar and bass guitar speaker cabinets. All of our cabinets are made to order in our own shop and are loaded with the best speakers in the world from manufacturers such as Celestion, Eminence and Hellatone. All cabs are made from 3/4 inch 13 ply birch plywood on all sides for strength and durability. 

Typical custom cabinet build time is about two weeks to ship.

We have the best prices in the U.S. on replacement speakers for your existing speaker cabinets.

Phone 208.762.5251 Mon-Fri 8-3 pacific time


Avatar Hellatone 60 aka Celestion Vintage 30  60w $115 Free Shipping

Avatar Hellatone 30 aka Celestion G12H30 30 w 70th Anniversary $115 Free Shipping

Avatar Hellatone A25  25 watt Alnico U.S. made $139 Free Shipping

Avatar Hellatone 25 25 watt Ceramic 50 oz magnet $84 Free Shipping

Celestion G12K100  100 watt Ceramic 50 oz magnet $115 Free Shipping 

Celestion 10 inch Greenbck 30 watt Made in England $95 Free Shipping

Celestion Classic Lead 80 12 inch 80 watt  $115 Free Shipping 

Celestion Alnico CREAM 90 watts $299 Free T shirt Free Shipping 

Celestion Heritage G12H30  55 hz cone, England,  $168 Free Shipping

Faital Genz Benz 10 inch NEO bass speaker 300 watts 16 ohm $119 each 

Faital Genz Benz 12 inch NEO bass speaker 300 watts 8 ohm $139 each  

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