Black Friday Specials Starting Now Thru End of Monday

Free shipping on all Guitar cabinets! Excludes empty cabs, 1x12s,2x10s, $388. special B410 cab
Free Maple front upgrade and free slip cover on 18w, 20w and 45w AMP heads and combo amps.
Free Hellatone T-Shirt with all Hellatones.
Hellatone A25 Alncio $139 shipped
Hellatone 25 Ceramic $69 shipped
Hellatone 30 – $105 shipped
Hellatone 60 – $105 shipped
Faital Genz Benz 12PR300 8 ohm – $109 shipped
Faital Genz Benz 10PR300 16 ohm – $75 shippped
Pair Eminence Genz Benz Deltalite 2512 16 ohm – $149 shipped

Typical custom cabinet build time is about 3-7 business days.

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