What modes of shipping are you using?

We use UPS Ground Insured exclusively for U.S. and International shipments.

Are your products available in other countries?

YES – See below for details.

We now ship directly to Canada. The cost is usually just a little higher than the regular lower 48 states shipping cost.  You are responsible for the brokerage/entry fee and will still be required to pay the Canadian government whatever taxes are due. You can email or call for a shipping quote.

For other countries, please email which cab you want with your postal zip code and we’ll get a quote from UPS. You can also check with a freight forwarder like shopUSA.com that we can ship to and then they can forward the package on to you. Do keep in mind that it is expensive to fly a cab to you. You can also Google freight forwarders in the US and shop for the best rates.

Where can I get a slip cover for my cabinet?

We now stock Avatar slip covers for most of our models. They are hand sewn locally here in the Pacific Northwest.

When you use a 30 watt speaker with a 60 watt speaker of same ohm and SPL sensitivity, why doesn't the power rating add up to 90 watts?

The reason is because the signal is going to be evenly distributed between the two speakers. You don’t want to put any more power than twice the lowest capacity wattage into the pair. This means you could damage the 30 watt speaker which is why the two wattage’s, 30 and 60, don’t sum to 90. A 30 watt speaker mixed with a 60 watt speaker makes a 60 watt capacity cab (twice the lowest one).

Do you give endorsement or artist discounts?

We appreciate musicians wanting to be endorsed by companies but we give our best factory direct pricing to everyone.

Can you make a custom size cab for me?

Because we only do large production runs we cannot do custom sized cabinets. The cabinets are only available as they appear in the website.

Can I buy the cab without the speakers?

Yes, you get the best deals on loaded systems but let us know which cab you want speakerless and we’ll quote the price.

How can you sell your cabs and speakers for so cheap?

We buy our inventory by the truckload. We get 40 foot trucks directly from the Celestion and Eminence factory to get the best prices. Because there are there are 2,880 12″ guitar speakers in a Celestion 40 foot truck we can sell them directly to the end user with a savings of 40 to 50 percent.

Can you leave your Avatar name logo off of the cab?

All of our cabs are shipped with the Avatar logo attached.

There are two jacks on the back of the guitar cab. Which do I plug into?

On standard mono cabs,  the two jacks are tied together in parallel so you can plug into either one and the other would be used as an ‘out’ to daisy chain to another speaker cab. On a custom stereo cab, the two jacks would be wired both as ‘ins’ but the majority of cabs are mono.

What forms of payment do you use?

We take Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express or people send checks or money orders with a note describing in detail with what they want.

What ohm cab should I get for my amplifier?

Most solid state amps will mention either in its owners manual, or on the back of the amp itself, the lowest resistance that the amp wants to see hooked up to it. You usually don’t want to go below what it says.

Most bass guitar amps want to see no lower than a 4 ohm load because that is the load where the amp puts out the most power. The idea is that you should get either one 4 ohm cab, or two 8 ohm cabs because two 8 ohm cabs together will make a 4 ohm load. Some newer bass amps will go down to a 2 ohm load allowing you to use either one 2 ohm cab (though they are a little rare) or two 4 ohm cabs.

It’s works the same way for solid state guitar amps with single or multiple cabs. While many guitar amps can go down to a 4 ohm load there are many that only go down to an 8 ohm load. For amps with a 8 ohm load minimum you will want either one 8 ohm cab or two 16 ohm cabs (two 16 ohm cabs makes 8 ohm).With tube amps however, it is really best to try to match the amps exact load requirement. There are many different tube amp designs relating to the power transformer and output tubes. You should check with the tube amp manufacturer to see if it is appropriate to deviate away from the original desired load. Connecting a speaking with the wrong ohm load to a tube amp may sound fine but it could be stressing the tubes and transformer causing them to prematurely wear out.

What if I only want to get one cab now but I may want to add another later?

Most solid state amps will allow you to go above the lowest ohm load but usually not below the lowest ohm load. Check with the amps owners manual or contact the amp manufacture for advice on your particular amp. If your bass amp has a minimum 4 ohm load and you want to get one cab now and leave the door open to expand and add another cab later, then you would get one 8 ohm cab now and another 8 ohm cab later. You will lose a little power when you run a single 8 ohm cab on an amp that can go down to 4 ohm. This loss translates to about a 3 db drop in volume which is just barely perceivable. When do add the second 8 ohm cab later it will not only give you more speakers to move more air, but your amp be at optimum power at the 4 ohm total load.

I have a 4 ohm cab now and I want to rewire it to 8 ohm so I can add another 8 ohm cab to it to make a total 4 ohm load. How do I do that?

The best and most reliable way it to change the speakers inside the cab to the other desired ohm, or you can sell the 4 ohm cab and buy an 8 ohm cab. If you are in a budget, or need an immediate solution, you can add a large high wattage resistor to the speaker to change ohm. You should keep in mind though that resistors soak up power. This may defeat the purpose of trying to get more power out of the amp.