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8 ohm and 16 ohm  in stock

The Ascension F25 is a low wattage, 25 watt, ceramic magnet, guitar speaker with an emphasis on crunch and mid-range presence. A well-balanced driver, equally suited to classic rock sounds as it is jazz, heavy metal or punk.

The F25’s tonal character possesses a detailed, yet reduced, top-end that paves the way for a super-satisfying mid punch to chords and cut-through lead tones without being too sharp or shrill. Clean tones are warm, detailed and not overly bright.

The F25 is great for low powered amps but really comes alive when used with high powered amps in 4×12 configurations or valve amps pushed into overdrive. The unit is also lighter than our Ascension F70 or F90.

Series Ascension
Nominal Chassis Diameter 12” / 304.8 mm
Power Rating (AES) 25 Watts
Frequency Range 75Hz – 5kHz
Impedance 8 / 16 Ω
Sensitivity 98 dB
Magnet Weight 1 Kg / 35.27 oz
Magnetic Gap Depth 8 mm / 0.31”
Flux Density 1.3 Tesla
Coil Winding Height 10.7 mm / 0.42”
Voice Coil Diameter 44.45 mm / 1.75”
Voice Coil Material Copper
Former Material Paper
Magnet Material Ceramic
Chassis Material Pressed Steel
Cone Material Paper
Front Gasket Material Foam
Surround / Edge Termination Paper
Dust Dome Fabric
Connectors Solder Tabs
Overall Diameter 309 mm / 12.17”
Flange Height 5 mm / 0.20”
Overall Depth 127.5 mm / 5.02”
Magnet Structure Diameter 133.5 mm / 5.26”
Gasket(s) Supplied Front & Rear
Baffle Cut-out Diameter 284 mm / 11.18”
Mounting Hole Information 4 x ø8 mm on 297 mm PCD
Nett Weight 3.55 Kg / 7.83 lb