Alnico Ruby 8 ohm only


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Made in ENGLAND Alnico Ruby. 8 ohm only.

Both as a drop-in replacement for a mid-powered combo amp and as a complement to a custom 4×12, the 35W Celestion Ruby 12″ guitar speaker manifests the Celestion alnico spirit in new and exciting ways. Voiced somewhere between the bite of a Blue and the contoured warmth of today’s Cream, the versatile Celestion Ruby is perfect for coaxing undiscovered clarity, chime, punch, and snarl out of your favorite tube classics. ACs to Tweeds, Juniors to ‘Breakers, amps of all flavors can benefit from the sophistication and nuance the Celestion Ruby brings to the table. Looking for a new spin on the timeless Celestion alnico voicing? Be sure to check out the Celestion Ruby

Celestion’s vintage-voiced alnico-magnet guitar speakers have a soul all their own. From the bite and chime of a classic Blue to the warm contours of today’s Cream, players can’t get enough of that traditional alnico sag and presence. The Ruby sits somewhere between these two voicings, offering much of the smoothness and linearity of the Cream with a bit of that British Blue bite, still with notes of the Cream’s airy top-end presence and a beautiful slow attack. And at 35 watts power handling, it’s the perfect complement to your mid-powered combo or cab.