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Style and Size


All logos are sold as replacements for Avatar Cabs only. Next to the logo description below we have included that cabs they are generally included with. Please check verify the measurement of the logo on your cab and the measurements below.

Small Cursive – Black Backed @ Approx 4.5″ (Bass cabs with metal grill)(G112, G212, G412 Traditional and G112 Contemporary)

Medium Cursive – Black Backed @ Approx 6″ (Bass cabs with metal grill, andĀ Avatar 18W Head)(G112, G212 Vintage, G212, G412 Contemporary)

Large Cursive – Black Backed @ Approx 9″ (G412 Vintage)(Larger alternative to the other cursive)

Small Rectangular Metal @ Approx 2.75″ (Bass cabs)(Smaller alternative)