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What’s the difference between this cab and our best selling regular $488. G212 Traditional cab? It’s the exact same Vintage 30 loaded cab that we pre build and load the Vintage 30s in and pack up so they are ready to ship immediately. They are minus the decorative piping around the grill and just have the small rectangular logo instead of the fancy cursive Avatar logo. They are standard 8 ohm mono cabs in black tolex only but you still get several grill cloth choices.

Take advantage of this ready to ship model and save another big $70 bucks off our the regular low price.

All six sides of this cabinets are 3/4 inch 13 ply birch. 

The G212H Special cab is easy and portable and goes great with combo amps, heads and rack systems. 

These interlocking side joints give extreme strength to the cab which is where we often hear, “Built like a Tank” in our reviews. The speakers are rear mounted with T-Nuts.  It has two 1/4 inch in/out jacks (for daisy chaining with another speaker cab) mounted on the steel input panel. It  has protective nickel corners, large recessed steel bar handles and sturdy rubber feet. (rubber feet have been cropped out of the pictures but are there). All guitar cab grills are secured by screws, not cheap Velcro. The dimensions are 21″ H x 28.5″ W x 12 ”  D. Weight is approximately 60 lbs These speaker cabs are not sold on a trial basis and are not returnable.

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Weight 70 lbs


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