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New design! Our new G412 Vintage cabs now come with box-finger joint construction, veining on all 4 corners and new smooth seamed corners. The cabinet and back panel are 5/8″  11  ply voidless Baltic Birch and the baffle is 1/2″  ply.

This is the new full sized Avatar Vintage G412 guitar cabinet. It is styled after the 60’s Bluesbreaker type 412 closed back cabinet. It features a slanted front speaker baffle board to point the speakers up slightly towards the player. The construction is all  voidless Birch Plywood. It comes with black tolex, white piping, gold veining and Salt and Pepper grill.

We do have several logo options so we’ll call you after we receive your order and go over which one you would like.

This deluxe cab has two large recessed round metal bar handles and a rear metal jack plate with dual 1/4 inch jacks for daisy chaining with other cabs.

The four 12’s are rear loaded with T Nuts which makes it easy to swap out speakers for tone experimenting. We have many choices of quality Celestion guitar speakers to fit your precise tone preferences.  Please go to Celestion.com to read about or to listen to sound samples to help you decide which are best for your playing style and TONE requirements.

It has been our experience that some of the favorite speaker choices are four ‘industry standard’ Celestion Vintage 30’s for Superb high power tone and for the widest variety of music styles and for a great deal of presence to really cut through the mix in a 240 watt cab.

Four Celestion G12H30s 70th Year Anniversary specials have a rich deep low end with a wonderful warm overdrive tone in a 120 watt cabinet. You can do the famous mix combination of two Celestion Vintage 30 with lots of mid presence and two G12H30 for a slightly deeper, warmer sounding tone as a  120 watt cab.

The Celestion Greenback will give this cabinet early cone break up for classic warm low wattage tone at 25 watts each.

The Celestion G12T75 (used in many Marshall cabinets) have lots of crunch, big bass, scooped mids and sizzling highs at 75 watts each for a 300 watt cab, great for Metal.

For fantastic , natural sounding high power clean tones, the Celestion Classic Lead 80s are the Celestions that most faithfully reproduce your signal rather than to add any color or character to your tone, great for modeling type amps or situations where you want neutral clean clear reproduction.

For massive high gain, the 100 watt G12K100s are best in a standard 8 ohm cab.

For the  high end boutique type tube amps, four Celestion Alnico Blue’s have the most wonderful chime and creamy midrange to them in a 60 watt cab or consider the mix of one Alnico BLUE and one G12H30 for half chime and half warm overdrive. A lot of guys that have boutique amps really like the Celestion Alnico/G12H30 combo .

Our Hellatones are also great because the Hellatone 30 is a slightly broken in  Celestion G12H30 and the Hellatone 60 is a slightly broken in Celestion Vintage 30.

The G412 Vintage cabinet dimensions are 30″W x 29.5″H x 14″D.  Birch Plywood. Weight is approximately 95 lbs depending on speakers.

Vintage cabs are not sold on a trial basis and are not returnable. You get a One year limited warranty. The cab does come with four rubber feet on the bottom but they have just been cropped out of the photos.

Choose either the Avatar Multi Jack input with option for 4 ohm mono, 16 ohm mono and 8 ohm stereo when using four 16 ohm speakers OR the standard fixed dual jack mono plate with one in and one out for daisy chaining out to another cab feature. Standard 8 ohm mono cab with four 8 ohm speakers ,4 ohm mono cab with four 16 ohm speakers or 16 ohm mono cab with four 16 ohm speakers.