3D 212 Horizontal Forte Replica

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This is one brand new Avatar 3D 212 Horizontal Forte replica guitar speaker cabinet.
These are faithful replicas of the Forte 212 Horizontal 3D cabs. The Forte cabs were famous for venting the sound from the rear of the cone outside of the side vents on the cab for a great 3D room filling sound.

Dimensions:  3D 212 Horizontal 29W x 14D x 18.5H add 3/4″ to the H for rubber feet.
Weight: 39 lbs empty no speakers. (weight reduction channels)
Strong finger joint construction, 13 ply voidless baltic birch
Input jack plate choice: either the regular in/out jack plate for standard 8 ohm cab or Multi Jack for 4 ohm/16 ohm operation. 

Fane Guitar speakers ….Quality made in England.
Since 1958 Fane Acoustics has been synonymous with legendary British bands and guitar amplification manufacturers. Hand Crafted in England with an emphasis on consistency and reliability, Fane Acoustics produce speakers that deliver incredible quality and tone.
-Ascension F70    Awarded GuitarPlayer magazine’s Editor’s Pick in 2016!
The 12-inch, 70 watt, ceramic magnet Ascension F70 represents the evolution of a classic tone guitar speaker for players looking for a fresh point of reference. Promising to be the new most talked about speaker in a generation with its unique ability to enhance the performance of clean low gain amplifiers and high gain shred machines alike. It is just as at home in a classic rear mounted 4x 12 as it is in a modern front mounted application. The F70 offers a stunningly detailed top-end, rich mid-range and warm low-end with an intricate three-dimensional vintage crunch. The beauty of the F70 is that you need not even change your amplifier’s setting to appreciate its ability to articulate delicate passages or manage pummeling abuse with ease. Whether your application is a head and cab or an open back combo, the F70 most definitely adds a welcome new dimension to existing rigs.
-Ascension A60    Awarded GuitarPlayer magazine’s Editor’s Pick in 2016!
The A60 is a 12-inch, 60 watt, Classic Alnico driver. While its stunningly simple ‘old school’ visual statement will elicit an instant smile, you will find yourself unprepared for the sonic impact about to be experienced. The keyword here is balance. Every note and harmonic will immediately sound like it has been perfectly expressed.
-Providing a refined tonal ‘flavour’ of the Ascension F70, the A60’s detailed, shimmering top-end is never pointed and harsh. It’s clear distinct low end coupled with the characteristic Fane vocal mid-range will present the player with an entirely renewed appreciation of harmonic structure. Designed specifically to reveal all of the subtle nuances of a finely crafted tube amplifier, the A60 is tailor made for players looking to explore new sonic territory while enhancing an amplifiers signature voice.

-Ascension F25    Awarded GuitarPlayer magazine’s Editor’s Pick in October 2022
The Ascension F25 is a low wattage, 25 watt, ceramic magnet, guitar speaker with an emphasis on crunch and mid-range presence. A well-balanced driver, equally suited to classic rock sounds as it is jazz, heavy metal or punk.
The F25’s tonal character possesses a detailed, yet reduced, top-end that paves the way for a super-satisfying mid punch to chords and cut-through lead tones without being too sharp or shrill. Clean tones are warm, detailed and not overly bright.
The F25 is great for low powered amps but really comes alive when used with high powered amps in 4×12 configurations or valve amps pushed into overdrive. The unit is also lighter than our Ascension F70 or F90.

-Ascension F30    Awarded GuitarPlayer magazine’s Editor’s Pick in October 2022
The Ascension F30 is a 30 watt, ceramic magnet, guitar speaker. Suitable for reproducing both American and British type sounds, it’s perfect for players seeking vintage rock tones in abundance. While remaining faithful to the Fane Ascension series tonal character, the F30 is voiced with a strong, tight crunch and low-end presence that offers powerful low-mid’s. Cutting through the mix with an attacking upper mid-range and a forward, rich and open, alnico-like, detailed top end. When played clean, tones are detailed and articulate.
The F30 can be used in 1×12 low-powered amps or in multiples for 2×12 or 4×12 medium to high-power, high gain amps.

-Ascension A30    Awarded GuitarPlayer magazine’s Editor’s Pick in October 2022
The Ascension A30, 30 watt guitar speaker, has been voiced to offer more crunch for classic vintage guitar tones.
Fitted with an Alnico magnet it provides a smoothness and warmth throughout its midrange and delivers the classic, shimmering alnico chime, detailed top-end coupled with a tight low-end punch that will give your sound new life. Clean tones are crisp, clear and articulate.
Best suited when used with single, 2×12 cabinets and various boutique amplifiers. The A30 can also be combined with our F30 driver for complementary alternative sound.

-The Eminence Governor guitar speaker is the natural upgrade for the classic American amp. A versatile guitar speaker, great for southern rock or blues. Nice tight low-end, smooth midrange and top end sparkle. British cousin to Red White and Blues.

-Designed with heavier players in mind, the Eminence Swamp Thang provides a thick and chunky tone with loads of sustain. The awesome bottom end will hold up to even the most demanding drop-tune or 7 string players.

-The Eminence Wizard guitar speaker will put a spell on your tone. Very articulate, but with a hint of grit. Nice sustain and exceptionally good tight bottom. Classic Rock tones of the 60s and 70s.

-The Eminence CV-75 is the epitome of British tone with a complete tonal balance. Grunt and punch in the lows, warm/tailored mids, and nice, clear, open/airy highs.

-The Hellatone 25 is voiced in between a Celestion Greenback and G12H30. The Hellatone 50 is voiced the same but with a higher power rating of 50 watts.

-The Avatar Hellatone A25 is a 12 inch 25 watt guitar speaker that is made in the U.S. but has the same tonal characteristics of British Alnicos. With its Kraft paper voice coil former, full size 34 oz. Alnico magnet, you get that Vintage tone vibe and bell like chime at an unbelievable low price.

-The Avatar Hellatone A50 is a 12 inch 50 watt guitar speaker that is made in the U.S. but has the same tonal characteristics of British Alnicos. It is the higher wattage version of the A25 Alnico. Smooth bass with Bell like Chime in the mids and highs. With its quality Nomex voice coil former, full size 34 oz. Alnico magnet, you get that Vintage tone vibe and bell like chime at an unbelievable low price.

-Avatar M65 by Fane. Vintage British Tone, well defined highs, great mid and low mid punch, smooth bottom end.