3D 112 Forte Replica Blem


Blem, $50 off!

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Blemished, $50 off!

This is one brand but Avatar 3D 112 Forte replica guitar speaker cabinet loaded with several choices of Celestions.
These are faithful replicas of the Forte 112 3D cabs. The Forte cabs were famous for venting the sound from the rear of the cone outside of the side vents on the cab for a great 3D room filling sound. Just choose your speaker and we will ship these out usually 1 business day! 

Dimensions:  3D 112    22W x 14D x 16H
Weight: 31 lbs empty no speaker. (weight reduction channels)
Strong finger joint construction, 13 ply voidless baltic birch.
Kickstand on bottom so you can tilt the cab back.
Two 1/4″ jacks for daisy chaining.