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We are now offering the option to add a Hellatone Cable to your purchase for %25 off!!

This is the  full sized Avatar Vintage 212 guitar cab. These cabs are ready to go so they ship within 2 business days of ordering. They are black tolex, have black grill cloth and white piping. They are loaded with two Celestion Vintage 30’s. You have choice of cab impedance and open or closed back.

These are styled after the famous Bluesbreaker 212 cab from the 60’s. It features a slanted front speaker baffle board to point the speakers up slightly towards the player. The construction is voidless Birch Plywood. It is available with either a closed back panel or split two piece back for variable partial open back options.  The two piece back allows you to have the opening at the top, middle or bottom of the cab for different tone responses. With the opening in the middle you get more mids and highs radiating out into the room from the back of the speaker cones. With the opening at the top, you get a little more low end and with the opening at the bottom, you get even more bass reflecting off of the floor.

With the closed back panel, you get a very focused sound coming off of the front of the speaker cones but with a strong bass.

This deluxe cab has two recessed round metal bar handles and a rear metal jack plate with dual 1/4 inch jacks for daisy chaining with other cabs.

The  Vintage cab dimensions are 30″W x 24.5″H x 12″D. 18mm (3/4 inch) 13 ply Birch Plywood. Weight is approximately 65 lbs.

You get a One year limited warranty. The cab does come with four rubber feet on the bottom but they have just been cropped out of the photos.

Choose either the Avatar Multi Jack input with option for 4 ohm mono, 16 ohm mono and 8 ohm stereo when using two 8 ohm speakers OR the standard fixed dual jack mono plate with one in and one out for daisy chaining out to another cab feature. Standard 8 ohm mono cab with two 16 ohm speakers, 4 ohm mono cab with two 8 ohm speakers or 16 ohm mono cab with two 8 ohm speakers.

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