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NEW!! Save some money and finish the cabinet yourself! We are offering them in bare white birch for $75 off! These cabinets are complete with all the hardware (corners, handles, etc) and ready to play right out of the box! These cabs DO NOT come with grill cloth or piping.

We are now offering the option to add a Hellatone Cable to your purchase for %25 off!!

This AVATAR ® G412 Traditional Custom straight cab puts out the big sound that only a 412 can do. 

Awesome black metal grill is also available at no extra charge. 

The G412 goes great with combo amps, heads and rack systems.  Check out the Celestion specs, descriptions and sound samples to help you decide which are the best speakers for your personal requirements.  

Lately, one very popular combo mix on all of the tone chat rooms, has been to do combos of speakers. The one that everybody is talking about is to have two Celestion G12H30’s on the bottom and two Celestion V30’s on top. It is the best of both tone worlds with the warm mids and lows of the G12H30 and the smooth mids and highs of the V30’s.  The ultimate mix is two Alnico Golds or Blues with G12H30s. You are welcome to do any combo of speakers.  

The cab has two 1/4 inch in/out jacks (for daisy chaining with another speaker cab) mounted on the steel input panel.  Available in ONE of the following configurations: 4 ohm mono, 8 ohm mono, 16 ohm mono.  It has protective corners and large recessed steel bar handles. All guitar cab grills are secured by screws, not velcro which can vibrate.

This G412 sounds Great!  The dimensions of the G412 are: 29″H x 28.5″W x 14″D.  This speaker cab weighs approx. 85-95 lbs, depending on speakers. Speaker cabs are not sold on a trial basis and are not returnable. One year limited warranty, please see Ordering page. The cabs come with four sturdy rubber feet on the bottoms but they have been cropped out of the picture. White cursive logo is standard, unless you would like the small metal logo.

Also Available NOW !!

Heavy duty Black metal grille shock mounted on rubber feet

Choose either the Avatar Multi Jack input with option for 4 ohm mono, 16 ohm mono and 8 ohm stereo when using four 16 ohm speakers OR the standard fixed dual jack mono plate with one in and one out for daisy chaining out to another cab feature. Standard 8 ohm mono cab with four 8 ohm speakers,4 ohm mono cab with four 16 ohm speakers or 16 ohm mono cab with four 16 ohm speakers. 
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