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NEW!! Save some money and finish the cabinet yourself! We are offering them in bare white birch for $75 off! If you want us to paint the cabinet low gloss black, we are offering $50 off. These cabinets are complete with all the hardware (corners, handles, etc) and ready to play right out of the box! These cabs DO NOT come with grill cloth or piping.

This G410 Custom Traditional straight cab puts out a sweet vintage tone with  great sounding Celestion Alnico’s or Heritage Greenback tens. 

It is available in your choice of tolex coverings with your choice of fabric grills. See color chart options.  The open back G410 goes great with combo amps, heads and rack systems.   The cab has two 1/4 inch in/out jacks (for daisy chaining with another speaker cab) mounted on the steel input panel.    It has nickel protective corners,(black corners also now available upon request).

The favorite speakers for this cabinet are the Celestion G10 Alnico 40 watt speakers in an open back. It is clean and clear with that wonderful alnico chime.

The Celestion Greenback 10’s have a rich full bottom end , sweet mids and with early cone break up for classic boutique tone.

A favorite four speaker cab is to mix two Gold alnicos and two Greenbacks for half alnico chime and half warm overdrive, and either open back for more mid chime exiting the back of the cab or closed back for thicker bottom end.

The dimensions of the G410 are: 24″H x 24″W x 12″D. This speaker cab weighs approx. 60 lbs depending on speakers.  One year limited warranty.Color Options
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Weight 70 lbs


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