Tonespeak Liverpool 1275 Used



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Played for an hour for testing. Mounted but will come in factory box. 8 ohm. Regularly $149.   On sale for $100

The Liverpool 1275 is the classic British rock tone, inspired by tones from the 80’s.  A complex, thick and vocal midrange cuts through the upper-register, while nice, full, lower-mid grunt completes the warm, gutsy, tight lows.  The highs, while clear, open and articulate remain warm and ear pleasing.

  • British tone guitar speaker
  • 12” (305 mm) steel basket diameter
  • 75 watts, 8 ohm, 100 dB SPL
  • 1.75″ copper voice coil, nomex former
  • Kurt Müller speaker cone
  • 50 oz. ferrite magnet