22W Chassis




The Avatar 22 offers classic American tone in a simple, straight-forward package. If played clean, it produces warm, rich tones that compliment any playing style. The power section supplies plenty of current for when the power tubes start running hard, giving the amp a surprising amount of headroom. When pushed hard, the 6V6 power tubes can produce very pleasant breakup at reasonable volume levels. this makes the Avatar 22 a tremendously versatile amp for smaller clubs and studio work. It’s very responsive to pick attack and playing style, making it easy for the player to control the amount of distortion that gets produced. It makes a great platform for overdrive and distortion pedals as well. Overall, it’s a wonderful grab ‘n go amp! The amp comes with the foot switch for the boost.


22W Features
  • 6V6 power tubes
  • (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • High quality components throughout
  • Boost circuit (can be engaged via front panel switch or with included foot switch)
  • Selectable output impedance (4/8/16)
  • Adjustable fixed bias